Can Laptop Run 3 Monitors? (How-to, Alternative ways) 

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Do you know that it is possible to have a multi-screen workspace? Yes, it’s real; you can attach external monitors to your laptop. Can the laptop run 3 monitors? Find out the answer in this post. So, you can set up your desired workspace. Keep reading. 

The answer is yes if you wonder whether a laptop can run 3 monitors. It is possible to have 3 external monitors and a multi-screen working environment. If you believe that you will be more productive if there are three monitors with your laptop, this post is perfect for you.    

How to run 3 monitors on your laptop

If your laptop comes with 3 video ports, then you’re lucky. However, only a few models have this. Commonly, you will need a dock or external display adapter. You can follow the steps below to set up 3 monitors for your device. 

  1. After you have the dock or cables, you must plug them in. If your OS is up to date, your laptop’s system will recognize the monitors. 
  2. That’s it! It is a simple process.
  3. Once laptops recognize your monitor, you can adjust the config to suit your need. 

How can you adjust the settings of the 3 monitors?

After connecting the monitors, you should ensure they are correctly set up on your laptop. 


You should consider the orientation for your 3-monitor setup. With this, you can ensure that the physical arrangement of the monitors matches your laptop’s virtual arrangement. You can quickly determine which is the next monitor to which. 


Next, you should adjust the resolution since it is an essential display setting. It depends on your configuration; you can run all the monitors with similar resolutions. You can also set different magnifications for the monitors with a high-resolution display. 

Refresh rate 

Dressing windows across the screen easily is essential if you have 3 monitors on your laptop. It is also a critical component of the display. You can set the primary display at the highest refresh rate. Then, you can match the refresh rate with the other monitors. 

Can you connect 3 monitors to your laptop? 

Can you connect 3 monitors to your laptop? Well, you can check if your device can accommodate 3 monitors. Note that the connection of 3 monitors is not as easy as others think. 

Your laptop can connect 3 monitors to your device, depending on the port type it has. Multiple monitors have different ports, including DVI, VGA, USB C, HDMI, etc. It is also crucial to have 3 video ports if you wish to run 3 monitors with your laptop. 

Toshiba Tecra A50, example of laptop that come with many video port

Unfortunately, most models today don’t come with all the ports. Depending on their configuration, they may have 1, 2, HDMI, or USB C. But don’t lose hope, since it doesn’t mean that you can’t set 3 monitors.

You can still set up 3 monitors by purchasing external hardware. You can connect 3 monitors to your laptop if you have the following:

USB to HDMI adapter

If you want a more affordable option than an external docking station, I suggest you have USB to HDMI adapters. You can connect it to your laptop through USB and the monitors using an HDMI port. Unluckily, it’s not the best solution if you’re a gamer or making graphics-intensive like photo or video editing. Thus, it doesn’t come with a dedicated Graphics Card. 

External docking station

It can be your one-stop shop for connecting 3 monitors to your laptop. It features a USB cable that can connect to your laptop and allow you to connect the 3 monitors to the docking station’s ports. With it, you don’t need a bunch of cables. It also has a clean setup. 

However, you should be ready because it is not affordable. It can also be hot because it doesn’t have a fan. 

External multi-display adapter

An external multi-display adapter can be the best choice if you’re a gamer. You only need to plug the ports where they should be to set up the 3 monitors. 


If your laptop only has a USB or HDMI port, you can depend on Chromecast. There are many apps you can cast for an external TV or monitor. 

Miracast Smart TV

Miracast Smart TV is only for Windows 10 users. You can extend or mirrors the desktop to Smart TV, which supports Miracast. 

With the devices I mentioned above, it is possible to make your laptop run on 3 monitors. 

You should also have enough cables to connect to your desired setup with these devices. So, you can enjoy working on your 3 monitors with your laptop. 

Putting everything together for a 3-monitor setup 

Once you have the tools, you can choose from the following options to set up 3 monitors with your laptop. 

  1. Use USB to HDMI adapter and HDMI splitter.
  2. Combine the USB to HDMI adapter, HDMI port, and Chromecast
  3. Use Chromecast, HDMI port and Miracast
  4. Connect to two 4K monitors with USB-C to regular HDMI port and HDMI adapter

There are many methods and options to run your laptop with 3 monitors. You can choose the best way based on your convenience and specific needs. With that, you can have a multi-screen working space.  

Things to consider when running your laptop with 3 monitors 

If you love multitasking and want to be more productive with multiple screens, running your laptop with 3 monitors can be a good solution. 

You can use a vertical orientation for scrolling long documents. It would help if you considered some factors before you use a multiple-monitor setup. 

Check the graphics card

Before you plan to buy additional monitors, you should check your laptop first to see if it can handle the graphics prowess. Consider the number of graphic ports your device has. You will not have a problem with enough ports to support 3 monitors. 

If your laptop doesn’t have the needed ports, you can buy another graphics card to achieve the multi-monitor support you want. Existing GPUs are powering different displays without problems. Before purchasing the additional graphics card, you can get an affordable option. 

Choose the monitors 

After you choose the graphic cards, you can now decide on the additional monitors. There are a lot of choices of monitors you can buy on the market. Choose the right ones that suit your needs and convenience. 

The best monitors will depend on several factors, including the desk size, the monitors you already have, and your plans to use your additional monitors. 

Set up your monitors 

You can now set up your additional monitors. Plug them and turn on the PC. There we go; you already have a multi-monitor setup. You should configure Windows to make it work with your new monitors. Check if it can detect all the monitors. Choose the monitor that you want to be the main display. 


A multiple-monitor setup can be best for you if you’re a gamer. You can watch Netflix while doing your work. With 3 monitors, you can enjoy 3 to 4-panel gaming. However, remember that gaming on multiple displays needs more graphical firepower than on a single screen.

The GPU has more pixels, so if it doesn’t run enough graphics cards, you may experience lag and artifacting in multiple-screen games. 

Considering these factors, you can make the best use of your 3 monitors with your laptop. 


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